PO BOX 246 MANTEO, NC, 27954   PHONE: (252) 473-2133


Manteo Police Department

Our Values:

The values of the Manteo Police Department are consistent with those of the Town. We place a high value on good customer service. We specialize in delivering these services in a manner, which reflect the best interest of the community. We also place a high value in pursuing programs, which improve the overall quality of life for the citizens we serve. We value providing services which offer the absolute best value for each tax dollar spent. We value the idea that the police are the community and the community are the police. The police being only those who are paid to give full time attention to the duties, which are incumbent upon any citizen. The Police Department values partnering with the community to help provide a safe environment for citizens to live and visit.

Our Vision:

To partner with our community and provide a safe and healthy environment to live, work, raise our families. We will do this by being attentive to the needs of our citizens, being mindful of our responsibilities to each other as citizens of the United States and the Constitutional guarantees so ordained. With service as a goal we will strive to deliver law enforcement excellence to our community and help to maintain a good quality of life.

P.O. Box  246, Manteo, NC 27954

Office Phone: 252-473-2069 (non-emergency, business hours only)

Dispatch: 252-473-3444 (non-emergency only)

Fax: 252-473-1408

E-mail: cops@townofmanteo.com

PO Box 246, Manteo, NC, 27954, (252) 473-2133