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Stormwater Resources Page

The Town of Manteo is committed to improving and enhancing the water quality in Shallowbag Bay. For generations residents have work, traveled, and played in these waters. In the 2007 CAMA Land Use Plan Update, three of the top ten goals were directly associated with water quality. They are:

  • Protect upland wetlands and other environmentally fragile areas on the island;
  • Maintain a natural edge of wetlands, forest and water around the town; and
  • Improve water quality in Shallowbag Bay to allow shellfishing.

Through a grant with the Clean Water Management Trust Fund the Town of Manteo, with the help of the North Carolina Coastal Federation and the engineering firm Withers and Ravenel, has developed the following two resources.

GIS BMP Atlas        This Atlas will identify small projects that Town can implement with its own resources, and larger projects that may need to be included in future capital budgets for the town or addressed through specific future grant proposals. This will provide the town with a punch list of opportunities to more comprehensively address stormwater problems based upon the concept that a more decentralized strategy for reducing stormwater at its source will be the most cost-effective approach for improving water quality within the town.

LID-EZ Spreadsheet         This is a modeling tool to assist the Town and its residents with identifying and evaluating the appropriate siting and combined use of dozens of existing alternative low impact development stormwater infiltration measures. This spreadsheet provides a simple analytical tool for determining how to be use low impact development measures instead of conventional stormwater systems to address both existing stormwater problems as well as provide for more effective stormwater treatment with new development.

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