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Chief Haskett interviewing local merchant
Chief Haskett interviewing local merchant

Manteo Police Department is a full-service law-enforcement agency who specialize in community oriented law-enforcement services. Many of the services which we provide would be considered as traditional law-enforcement services however, even with traditional law-enforcement services the Manteo Police Department focuses service delivery in a community oriented fashion. The Community Oriented Manteo Police Department has completely restructured our policing philosophy to accommodate the community-oriented model for modern policing.

Community policing is a new philosophy of policing, based on the concept that police officers and private citizens working together in creative ways can help solve contemporary community problems related to crime, fear of crime, social and physical disorder, and neighborhood decay. The philosophy is predicated on the belief that achieving these goals requires that the police department develop a new relationship with the law-abiding people in the community, allowing them a greater voice in setting local priorities, and involving them in efforts to improve the overall quality of life in their neighborhoods. It shifts the traditional focus of police work from answering random calls to solving problems. Problem solving is the Hallmark of our community efforts and in the success of our program.

Bike Patrol:

The Manteo Police Department has taken community oriented bicycle patrol to a new level. Each of the departments officers are assigned to bicycle as part of their standard issued equipment. Even the Department's Chief of Police regularly patrols on bicycle. Manteo's citizen's finds that this level of community service to be a refreshing approach to small town law-enforcement.

Foot Patrol:

Walking a police beat is considered as a mainstay of the town's police force. Community resource officers are routinely seen on foot throughout all areas of our town. 

Operation Helping Hands Phases 1&2:

This premier program focuses on our elderly citizens. Officers routinely visit with these valuable citizens to check on their welfare. Officers are assigned a specific number of citizens to check on. Their activities may include visitation, assistance with minor tasks, coordination of social service, and friendship. We also maintain medical information and records of participants and are ready to transfer this information to health care professionals should an emergency arise. Emergency services are alerted that the participant is a "Friend of the Manteo Police Department". This has proven to be a vital link in providing wrap around police services to the community. Phase 2 is an expansion of this program whereby the police department has enlisted the help of local high school students to aid in home visits. The students receive high school credit for their time with the police department. All three partners benefit from the program. The students learn the responsibility of being a citizen. They also learn that in a free society, people-helping people is what makes society work. The police department gains help in meeting the demands of the program. And the senior gets a renewed sense of self worth as they share their life experiences.

Crime Prevention Programming:

We employ a number of tried and tested crime prevention programs within the police department. This includes safety forums, which are held to help educate the public on ways that they can be safe. Operation ID, Project Tag, Community Watch, Vial for Life, and Project Target Phase II. Is some of the additional crime prevention programming offered.

Domestic Violence Intervention Services:

At the root of many of our crime-related problems, domestic violence sometimes plays a key role. Family intervention and services as it relates to domestic violence intervention is an important part of our community oriented law-enforcement program. The police department in addition too individual intervention services work hand in hand with Hotline, our local domestic violence shelter and prevention program. We are committed to reducing crime to reducing and preventing domestic violence.

Project Target:

This unique crime prevention program is targeted to the business community. Participating businesses have become a part of a fax network whereby the police department relays information over the fax network. We disseminate important suspect information as well as emergency information. This network also is used to disseminate emergency storm information during an event.

Interagency Service Links:

The police department has been very effective in linking citizens with the proper service agency who is able to service their needs. We have employed a philosophy, which includes wrap around services for citizens. When we respond to calls for service officers are readily able and willing to provide citizens with resource information and materials. These resource materials make it possible for the citizen to receive the proper services that they need. Again, we have taken on a more problem facilitator role in response to police service. 

 Reducing Crime by Environmental Design:

This program represents the cutting edge of modern community oriented policing. Through it, we have partnered with other Town departments to reduce crime within our town. We actively participate in the site plan review process. In an effort to reduce crime through environmental design. We identify areas of site plans that can be made more secure or accessible.

Traditional Law-Enforcement Services:

The Manteo Police Department offers a complete variety of traditional law-enforcement services. These services range from routine patrol to criminal investigation and criminal processing. Each of our officers meets and exceeds the state standards for law-enforcement service. Many of our officers have achieved advanced certificates in law-enforcement as well as received in-service training on continuing basis. The Town of Manteo encourages continuing education.

Traffic Enforcement Services:

The police department maintains on the cutting edge of technology to help make our highways safe. We employ many techniques in responding to traffic needs to our community. Through a proactive effort we participate in many programs sponsored by the North Carolina Governors highway safety program. These programs provide public information and education to the motor in public. We also employ strict traffic law-enforcement as a proactive measure to reduce traffic accidents within our town.

Information Technology Services:

It is vitally important that the police department maintain on the cutting-edge of technological advances in the area of criminal investigation and criminal apprehension. The department uses computerized records management systems, mobile data terminals, suspect imaging, and other technological advances to assist us in insuring the safety of our community. The police department is wholly committed to providing these time saving technologies to our citizens.






PO Box 246, Manteo, NC, 27954, (252) 473-2133