PO BOX 246 MANTEO, NC, 27954   PHONE: (252) 473-2133


Public Works

Headed by James McClease, this department is a hard working group of employees who always have a smile on their face and want to know what they can do to help you. The public works department take care of the daily general maintenance of the Town of Manteo, including trash pickup on Mondays and Thursday, commercial trash pickup, mowing the grass on all of the town’s properties, helping the special event’s committee with stage setup, decorating those hard to reach places, detouring traffic for easy access, and much, much more. These guys work on holidays, weekends, and nights to make sure the job gets done. They always have a smile and they are loved by the community. It is not uncommon on a trash pickup day for a bag of cookies and ice cold drinks waiting for the guys on the truck as they run their route. Kids and grandchildren come outside to watch the truck come by and hope to get a honk from the driver inside. The downtown business owners work with the public works department to help keep the streets clean and litter free. The Public Works department is a true and vital group of employees working for the betterment of the town.  James can be reached at 473-2133 or at mcclease@townofmanteo.com.



PO Box 246, Manteo, NC, 27954, (252) 473-2133