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Comprehensive Development Code

The Town of Manteo’s Comprehensive Development Code (CDC) is a compilation of Planning Department’s plan documents. It is comprised of five different planning documents: the Zoning Ordinance; Manteo Way of Building; the 20 Year Plan Update; the Historic District Ordinance; and the 2007 CAMA Land Use Plan Update.

The Zoning Ordinance is used everyday for plan reviews, sign questions, screening and buffering regulations, parking requirements, ect. This document is the working document most used by staff, boards and the public.

The Manteo Way of Building is a guideline for architectural preservation, and maintaining the character of historic Manteo. It emphasizes the importance of place, and acknowledges the separate and distinct areas of the Town.

The 20 Year Plan Update in an update to the original revitalization plan developed in 1982. It sites specific projects and goals that the Town should be working toward in the next 20 years.

The Historic District Ordinance aims to protect the historic structures and historic neighborhoods in the Town of Manteo in furtherance of the Town’s stated goal of protecting a small-town atmosphere, and consistent with the Town’s major industries of tourism and heritage tourism.

The 2007 CAMA Land Use Plan Update acts a governing document for all development in the Town. The goals and policy statements as laid out in the plan provide direction and guidance for development throughout the Town.

PO Box 246, Manteo, NC, 27954, (252) 473-2133